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Campo 3P

Gía: 2.500.000
Gía: 2.500.000

Number of people: 3 P. 
Pack Size: 55 x 22 cm 
Tent footprint: 5,8 m² 
Inner tent footprint: 3,5 m² 
Linkage: Al 6061 T9 10,3 mm 
Total Weight: 3600,00 g 

Dome tent for camping and trekking
  • 3-season (for snow-free months)
  • good microclimate
  • easy set up
Makes getting started that much more fun! Roomy 3-season "inner first" dome tent for shorter trekking tours and camping. The nice priced Campo 3P offers a large entrance, comfortable tent height, ridge ventilation and is very quick and easy to pitch and take down.